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The Cat's Whiskers, one of the country's most popular and experienced Barn Dance Bands, play for Ceilidhs, Hoe-downs and Barn Dances at weddings, parties and clubs - from village hops to numerous guest appearances at all the major English folk festivals. Our caller will guide you through all your Favorite Barn Dances while the band provides the music [click for sound and video examples] from a wide repertoire of traditional music from England, Scotland, Ireland and America. The Cat's Whiskers Barn Dance Band performs mainly around the West Midlands (Birmingham, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire)

Read on for more on how to run a really enjoyable Barn Dance ...

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and if we can't help you, we'll happily recommend another Barn Dance Band - with no agency fees to pay!

Why do I want a Barn Dance anyway?

Bride and groom at a Cats Whiskers Wedding Dance

So it's particularly suitable for -

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Barn Dance, Ceilidh, Hoe-down - which do I want?

Well, they're all:-

But they're different because:-

But don't worry about the technicalities; we'll be happy to help you choose the style of event best suited to you and your guests, and can even adapt the programme during the event where appropriate.

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What happens during the Barn Dance?

How should I prepare for my Barn Dance?

Another happy dancer at a Cats Whiskers Band Barn Dance

We will be happy to discuss your plans with you, and advise on the best way to run the evening.

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Making an enquiry or firm booking

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Listen to some short samples from our recordings

Studio Recordings Live on stage with caller

Video Clips (file sizes up to 7 MB)

English Ceilidh English Barn Dance Bridge of Athlone Circassian Circle
Hornpipe American Hoedown American HoeDown Sicillian Circle
'Gay Gordons' Scottish jig American Reel American Square Dance Circle Dance (2)
Irish Reel Cumberland Square Eight Aunt Hessie Square Dance(1)
Waltz (for late evening?) Clopton Bridge View from the stage Teaching The Steps (2)

(1):video courtesy PPT Video Productions (2):video courtesy Tim Lewis

or see these and other video clips on YouTube:- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Band Biography

The Cat's Whiskers Barn Dance Band usually comprises three musicians playing fiddle, accordion and keyboard (sometimes a few other things too), but we can provide more or less musicians as required. We have over 70 years experience of music making between us, and a similar time spent on the dance floor learning to appreciate good dance sound. Does this make us each over 140 years old? - not yet!

More guests enjoying our Barn Dance We have played many times at the country's top folk dance clubs and festivals, including Sidmouth, Whitby, Broadstairs, Eastbourne, Chippenham, Bromyard, Lichfield, Southam and at the national centres for English traditional dance (Cecil Sharp House in London, Halsway Manor in Somerset). Occasionally with teams of experienced dancers we attend overseas dance festivals (Denmark, France, Spain).

We have worked with many of the country's top callers, and with guests from Europe and America. Once we understand the background to your event we will select the caller most suitable for you, and make all the arrangements on your behalf.
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What they say about us - some of the 'thank-you' letters we have received

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Resources for dancers, callers and band musicians

Material we've presented at music workshops in the following formats:-

     Sheet Music   Midi   ABC   Noteworthy Composer     Tricky Tunes

Second parts for tunes from commercially available books:-

     Play In The Band    Pete Mac's books   

For software tools for musicians and callers, click HERE

For links to barn dance related Internet sites, click HERE

A list of tunes associated with dances of a different name: click HERE

Explanation of some common Barn Dance terms: click HERE

Descriptions and Music for Some Popular Barn Dances

Here you can download descriptions of some popular Barn Dances, together with associated computer generated music files (MP3 and MIDI formats) and the music score in Noteworthy Composer and ABC formats. Most of the music is fully orchestrated for melody, rhythm, bass, counter-tune, and of the length and speed usually associated with the dance, so you could use it successfully to run your own Barn Dance.

Experiencing print problems? Try these suggestions

Barn Dance Name Dance notation Score in PDF format Music in MP3 format Music in ABC format Music in MIDI format Noteworthy score Video Clip
 I want to be near you X X X X X X X
 Circassian Circle X X X X X X X
 Snowball X X X X X X X
 Chinese breakdown X X X X X X  
 Hinky Dinky Parlez Vous X X X X X X  
 Bridge of Athlone X X X X X X X
 Coming Round The Mountain X X X X X X X
 Strip the Willow X X X X X X  
 Cumberland Square Eight X X X X X X X
 Virginia Reel X X X X X X X
 Blaydon Races X X X X X X X
 Clopton Bridge X X X X X X X
 Little Old Log Cabin X X X X X X X
 Oxo Reel X X X X X X X
 Alabama Jubilee X X X X X X  
 Canadian Barn Dance X X X X X X  
 Dashing White Sergeant X X X X X X  
 The Flying Scotsman X X X X X X X
 Queen's Jig X X X X X X  
 Galopede X X X X X X  
 Soldier's Joy X X X X X X  
 The Gay Gordons X X X X X X  
 Lucky Seven X X X X X X X
 Pat-A-Cake Polka X X X X X X X
 Siege of Ennis X X X X X X  
 St.Bernard's Waltz X X X X X X X
 The Veleta X X X X X X  
 Sicillian Circle X X X X X X X
 Farmer's Jig X X X X X X X

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