THE GAY GORDONS - Circle of couples around the room (man on left of woman)

The man's right arm goes over the woman's shoulders and takes her right hand.
The dancers left hands are joined in front of them at waist height.

A  [1-2] Take four steps forward (anticlockwise around the room). The dancers 
	 keep hands and make a half-turn individually (not as a couple) in a
	 clockwise direction so they are facing the other direction (and the 
	 man's left arm is over the woman's shoulders). 

   [3-4] They take four more steps in the same direction (anticlockwise around 
	 the room) so of course they are moving backwards. Remain facing in
	 this direction.

   [5-8] Repeat A[1-4] in the other direction to return to original places.
	 This will start by taking four steps forward, making a half-turn, etc.
B  [1-4] The dancers loose left hands. The man raises their joined right hands
         over the woman's head, and she pivots around (clockwise) under the 
	 arch while he sets on the spot.

   [5-8] Take ballroom hold and polka around the room.

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