Workshop Material - Second Parts for Barry Moule's book 'Play In The Band'

Barry Moule's book 'Play In The Band' contains a large number of tunes very popular with barn dance bands. From this page you can download second parts for these tunes. The pages are laid out just as in Barry's book, so it's easy to look across from original tune to related second part.

Many of the tunes in 'Play In The Band' are available from other sources, and may differ slightly from Barry's versions. The second parts provided here will generally not be compatible with these alternative versions. To avoid difficulty get your own copy of 'Play In The Band' from the 'Folk Sales' outlet which you can contact on 01242 692 243.

The tunes on these pages are also available individually in .MID, .ABC and .NWC formats

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Page 1 - Limerick Reel, McCusker's Favourite, Huntsman's Chorus, I Tiddly I Ti

Page 2 - The Pursuit, Killicrankie, Aiken Drum, The Brown Banner

Page 3 - Jessie's Hornpipe, Thurso Wedding, Lord Randall, Fiona's Wedding

Page 4 - Angus McLeod, Marie's Wedding, The Bonnie Dancers, Captain Maguire

Page 5 - Dumpty Umpty, Four and Twenty, The Alma, Sebastopol

Page 6 - Road Home from Athenry, All the Way to Galway, Combowe Fancies, The Rattlin' Bog

Page 7 - Jean Campbell, Deveron Reel, New Waterloo Reel, 72nd Farewell to Aberdeen

Page 8 - Salmon Tails, Tralee Jane, Jane's Fancy, Nancy's Fancy

Page 9 - Dornock Links, Drunken Piper, Miss McLeod's Reel, Bottom of the Punchbowl

Page 10 - Gin I Were Where the Gadie Runs, Donald Where's Your Trews, The Duke of Perth, Oe'r the Hills

Page 11 - High Caul'd Cap, Petronella, Carse O Gowrie, The Barren Rocks of Aden

Page 12 - Loxley Figure Eight, Hexton Two Hand Turn, Cockle Gatherers, Fairy Dance, Kate Dalrymple

Page 13 - Goodbye Girls We're Going to Boston, On the Road to Boston, Oh Susanna, Golden Slippers

Page 14 - Buffalo Girls, Yankee Doodle, Log Cabin, Uncle George

Page 15 - Jubilo, The Big Coral, Crooked Stovepipe, The Rose Tree

Page 16 - Ol' Zip Coon, Marmaduke's Hornpipe, Uncle Reuben, Adam Butler

Page 17 - Camptown Races, Liza Jane, Chain the Lady, Silver and Gold

Page 18 - Old Doc Jones, Arkansas Traveller, Ragtime Annie

Page 19 - Boil 'em Cabbage Down, Cumberland Mountian Chase, Hey Joe (What d'yah know), Little Beaver Creek

Page 20 - Dixie, Red River Valley, Sow Got Measles, Come Along Polly

Page 21 - Belle of the Ball, Kitty McGee, Merry Month of May, Lass of Killicrankie

Page 22 - Haymakers' Jig, I Loved a Fair Maid, Rattle the Cash, Grandfather's Pet

Page 23 - Star Above the Garter, Murphy's Favourite, Humber Jumber, Harvest Dance

Page 24 - Mitre of Ale, The Matelot, O'Keefe's, Here's to a Maiden

Page 25 - Long John's Wedding, BBC Jig, Life on the Ocean Wave, When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Page 26 - Oyster Girl, Lass of Dalogill, The Railway, Major Mackie

Page 27 - Shandon Bells, The Blackthorn Stick, Stool of Repentance, Barry's no.2

Page 28 - Steamboat Quickstep, Paddy's Whiskers, Kitty's Rambl'es, Toddy Malone

Page 29 - The Night Cap, The Heather Hills, Peggy's Wedding, Hundred Pipers

Page 30 - Dingle's Regatta, Sweets of May, Rosin the Beau, New Rigged Ship

Page 31 - Three Meet, Oats and Beans and Barley Grow, Hexham Races, Off She Goes

Page 32 - Cave Hill, Scottish Horse, The Weaver and His Wife

Page 33 - Louisburg, Thursday Night, Whose? Jig, Ralph Page Jig

Page 34 - Jack's Banjolin, Redwoods Jig, Blackberry Quadrille, A and D Jig

Page 35 - Hestleyside Ride, The West End, Winster Galop, Wiltshire Six Hand Reel

Page 36 - White Cockade, Feathered Bonnet, Girl with the Blue Dress On, Astley's Ride

Page 37 - The Big Ship, Come Dance and Sing, Rakes of Mallow, Whifflers

Page 38 - Sailor's Rant, Sodlier's Joy, Davy Davy Knick Knack, Wiltshire Tempest

Page 39 - Bluebell Polka, Jenny Lind

Page 40 - Krakoviak Polka, Sunflower Polka, Lollipop man, English Tune

Page 41 - The Quaker, Sussex Bonny Breastknot, Three Around Three, Darzle, Shepton Polka

Page 42 - Walter Bulmer's, Drawback, Merry Bells of Oxford

Page 43 - Sean South, Kelly the Boy, Boys of Wexford, Prince William

Page 44 - Grandfather's Clock, Old Air, Guid Bye Awa, Fyvie O

Page 45 - Donald D'Abu, Leitrim March, Dorsetshire March

Page 46 - Trip to Bavaria, Darling Nellie Grey, Caddam Woods

Page 47 - Gentle Maiden, Bonny Tyneside, Waltz On 1, Waltz On 2, Waltz On 3

Page 48 - Young Jane, Greenwood Tree, Red Lark

Page 49 - My Home, My Love, My Land

Page 50 - Bonny Doon, Westering Home, Early Morning, Threshing Machine

Page 51 - Sweet Jenny Jones, Twll Yn El Boch, The Ash Grove

Page 52 - Mexican Waltz, Cuckoo Waltz, Valeta Waltz

Page 53 - Roxboro, Kitty O'Neil, Shepherd's Hey, Country Gardens

Page 54 - Mona's Delight, Llandyfri Step Dance, Llanofer, Welsh Fancy

Page 55 - Waltzing Matilda, Click Go the Shears, Philibalula, Paddy Maginty

Page 56 - Navvie on the Line, Boys of Bluehill, Manchester Hornpipe

Page 57 - Hunt the Squirrel, Over The Hills to Glory, Danish Schottische, English Stingo

Page 58 - Double Schottische, Shetland Step, Orange and Blue, Bluebird Schottische

Page 59 - Steamboat (Devon), Steamboat (Sussex), Dashing White Sergeant

Page 60 - Drops of Brandy, Foxhunter's Jig, Postie's Jig

Page 61 - The Dusty Miller, Barney Brallaghan, Horses Brawl

Page 62 - La Russe, My Love She's But a Lassie Yet, Atholl Highlanders

Page 63 - Scotland the Brave, Cock of the North, Dorset 4-hand Reel

Page 64 - Swedish Masquerade, Djatchko Kolo, Leaving of Liverpool

Page 65 - Aunt Hessie's White Horse, Uncle Bernard's, Coming Round the Mountain, Hot Time, I Wanna' Be Near You

Page 66 - Swannee, Redwing, Tavern in the Town

Page 67 - Marching Thro' Georgia, Wabash Cannonball, Yellow Rose of Texas, What Did Delaware

Page 68 - Chinese Breakdown, Old Joe Clark, Up Jumped the Devil

Page 69 - Newcastle, Nonsuch, A La Mode, Fandango, Geud Man of Ballangigh

Page 70 - Black Nag, Picking Up Sticks, New Picadilly O, Happy Birthday, Goodnight Children

Additions / revisions:-

20/01/17 Add/correct chords to 'Black Nag' page 70a

15/02/18 Correct chords and accidentals to 'Kitty McGee' page 21a

7/6/19 Add missing chords to 'Greenwood Tree' page 48a

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