Tunes for Dances of a Different Name

While many dances are associated with tunes of the same name, this correspondence does not always apply. In other cases, a caller may quote to the band only the name of the dance. The musicians may then fail to find the corresponding tune even though it actually is in their repertoire, since they search for the dance name given to them, and not the tune name.

The list below gives the commonly accepted relationship between dance name and tune name for some of these special situations. Please note that the accuracy of the list is not guaranteed, and in some cases the relationship may vary from one geographical region to another. We look forward to the time - a long way off - when we can say the list is comprehensive.

The list has been sorted in alphabetic order of the dance name, so that finding the tune associated with a given dance is easy. To find the dance associated with a given tune you'll need to search the page with a suitable computer search tool (for Windows systems try control-f).

Suggestions for corrections and additions to this list are welcomed. Please email the details (making clear which is the tune, which is the dance) to:-

Dance Name				    Tune Name
3H Hornpipe                             Holly's hornpipe/Hannah's hornpipe
Abbeygate                               Miss Sulyard's delight
Adson's Sarabande                       New Exchange
Alexander's Birthday                    Alta Vittoria
The Antipodean                          Matilda's Muddle
The Archbishop                          Miss Sally Surman's Delight / Trip to Teddington
Arlington Assembly                      The Night Watch
Ashford Anniversary                     Ungaresca (Phalese Bourree)
Astonished Archeologist                 Goff Hall
Atlantic star                           Shades of green
Autumn Gifts                            Saint Malo
Bath Carnival                           Keppel's Delight
Belle of Northampton                    Excuse Me
Belle of the Ball                       Colony Cove Waltz
Birthday Jubilee                        Gigue (Handel)
Bishop                                  Miss Dolland's Delight
Bonny Cuckoo                            Shebeg Shemore
Brief Encounter                         March of Saint Timothy
Bryon's Boutade                         Hubbub
The Butterchurn                         Miss Goold's Reel
Butterley to Ridding                    Neapolitan Dance
Carrousel du Mont-Royal                 Carousel
Casterton Capers                        The Good Host
Celandine                               Fine Fettle
Champagne                               Fete du Village
Charlene's Celebration                  Elizabethan Tango Man
Circle for Beth                         For Beth
Circle of tradition                     Leopold Mozart - bourree
Congresswoman                           Congress reel
Cuillins of Skye                        Farewell to Cramond
Daffodils                               Freda's Waltz
Dancing Across the Atlantic             Dancing up a Storm
The Dancing Wife                        Pell Mell
The Delighted Dendrologist              Banks of Inverness
Domino                                  Miss Fanny Sulyard's Delight
Dovetail                                Minuet D min (Anna Magdalena Bach)
Dunchurch to Southam                    Tickitt
Dunsmuir Waltz                          Breakaway Heart
Easter Morn                             Miss Gordon of Gight
Edwin's maggot                          The Charmer
Enchanted Place                         Planxty Hewlett
Ethel's Dance                           Norfolk Freeholder
Fan in the doorway                      Butterfly (slip-jig)
Farewell Manchester                     Ring Of Bells
Fenterlarick                            Nancy's Fancy
Fine Dame                               Return from Ronse
Fine Lady of Homewood                   A Fig for a Kiss
Fiona's Fancy                           Hessian Camp
First Lady                              Lord Gregory's Fair flower
First of October                        Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
Flighty nymph                           Lovely Nymph
For Mary                                Hewlett
Foula Reel                              Shaalds of Foula
Fringe benefits                         Orielton House
Gene's tambourine                       Kettledrum
Gentleman's delight                     Duke of Buckingham
Geud Man of Ballangigh                  Hunt the Squirrel
Gibraltar Parade                        Miss Pogson's Reel
Gleaners                                Field of Dreams
Gold for the Mahieus                    Spagnolette Reformeert
Golden Celebrations                     Ode to Whiskey
Good Fellowship                         Spanish Gipsy
Good Man of Cambridge                   Rondo alla Turca
Grand Mother Circle                     Michael Turner's Waltz (Mozart Trio KV536 No.2)
Greengarth                              Halsway Manor
The Grindle                             Miss Collyer's Delight
Hackins Hey                             Walton's Mountain / John Boy
Halsway Sicillian                       As Luck Will Have It
Handel with Care                        Bourree (Handel's Water Music)
Happily Emma after                      Sprigs of Laurel
The Happy Return                        Casady Jig
Harke Planeet                           Chippenham Chaser
The Haven                               Miss Plestow's Return
Hazelfern Place                         La Maison de Glace
The Healing Touch                       Doctor's Round
Her Majesty is Welcome                  The Queen Mother's Progress/Dame Diane's delight
Hesperis                                Summer's Eve
Hold the Fort                           Lady Mary Singleton's Reel
Honey Hill                              Miss Powell's Dance
The Hopthalmologist                     Butterfly Kisses
Horseplay                               Branle des Chevaux
House Party                             Le Basque
Indian Summer                           Susan's waltz
In the Pink                             Colonel Robinson's Quickstep
Innocent merriment                      Codlins and cream
The Introduction                        Carolan's Cottage
Isle of Skylge                          Drie Boere Drie
Jenny's waltz                           Jenny May
Johnny Fetch your Wife Back             Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
The Jovial Butler                       Exercise in A
Jubilee at Eindhoven                    John Drury 1st air
Key to the Cellar                       Cam Ye Oer Frae France
King's Maggot                           Prince George's Birthday
Kneeland Romp                           Le Basque
Lacemaker                               Buckinghamshire thumper
Lady Spellor                            Soldiers Life
Laisteridge Lane                        Kettledrum
The Lark                                Miss Le Hupes Dance
The Leading Man                         Hemlock Grove
Leaking Bagpipe                         Daphne's jig
The Linnet                              Miss Braham's reel
Lisa'a maggot                           Max
The Lockkeeper                          Deep Water
Lord of Caenarvon's Jig                 Jack A Lent (2nd tune)
Mary K                                  Scherzo in C (Wiesler)
Merry Hop                               Knives and Forks
Michael and all Angels                  Purcell air
Milford Haven                           Aberdaugleddau
Mission to Please                       Miss Lucy Sulyard's Dance
The Mitre                               The Happy Lass
Monica's Delight                        Picadilly-O
Moor Hall                               Betty Blue
Moyses Hall                             Miss Hariot Edwick's Favorite
Mr.Parsons Knows                        A Foul End
Mrs.Pike's maggot                       Planxty Irwin
Muzzled                                 Miss Edwards reel
Nell's Figary                           Newmarket
New beginning                           Water Music Suite 3 Minuet 
Nine for the Nine Bright Shiners        Miss Murphey
Nowton Park                             Miss Mill's Strathspey
Oakleigh House                          Old Oxford
Octagon                                 Dalegarth
October Child                           Golden October
Oliver's Maggot                         Consider Yourself
Pargetter's pleasure                    Miss Greave's delight
Peace be with you                       Rigadoon Royal
Pennington                              When the Job is Done
Pepper's black                          Kettledrum 
The Percolator                          Coffee House
Trip to Greene                          Petticoat Wag
Physio's Fancy                          Twist Your Arm
Picking Up Stitches                     Downland557
Pioneer Polka Quadrille                 Mount Gabriel Reel
Poor Robin                              If the Life of a Man
The Portcullis                          Lord Brom's Quickstep
Postie's Jig                            Lassie Come Dance with Me
The Postmistress                        Next Day Delivery
Prince Garden                           Dutch House
The Pugilist                            Box Your Ears
The Pursuit                             Epsom New Wells
Queen's Square                          New Rigadoon
Ram Meadow                              Miss Bayne's reel
Rational reel                           George Brabazon
Recollection                            Time to Go
Retiring Fellow                         Mundesse
Revelation                              Dennis O'Conor
The Review                              Belleisle's March
Rich delights                           18th of August
The Ringmaster                          Spangles and Sawdust
Rose Garden                             Chestnut
Rosemary                                Queen's wish
Roy Vert's Hops                         Miss Robinson's Choice
Sapphire Sea                            Tom Kruskal's
Sarah                                   Agatha
Seneca Square                           Waiting for the Federals
The School Cook                         Chocolate Crunch
Seven for the Seven Stars               Dorothee
Severn Bore                             Sarabande (Corelli)
Six for the Six Proud Walkers           Fried's Triumph
Sleeping in the Attic                   Penruddock
Spring in Sebastopol                    Bouree(The Old Batchelor), Purcell
Staffin Harvest                         Miss Elizabeth Mag'd Fordyce strathspey
Stockport Assembly                      Circle of Fifths
Stockton Ruby Celebrations              Mrs. Maxwell 1st air
Subtil knittinge                        David's waltz
Sunlight Through Draperies              Jim and Judy's Wedding
Swann Song                              Helene's Night Out
Swithland Woods                         Mrs.Ashworth's Strathspey
Tamarisk                                Trip to the Med
Taxing Time                             The De'il's awa wi' the Excise Man
Templetree                              Old way's Best
Terpsicourante                          Praetorious Courante
Those Eyes                              Gazing into her bold eyes
To The See Again                        Miss Lloyd's dance
Top of the deck                         Firm Foundations
Trip to Bavaria                         Hamish's Tune (= Fischerein von Bodensee)
Trip to Dublin                          La Counterfaitte
A Trip to Halsway Manor                 Bob's Box
Trip to Kilburn                         Black and Grey
Trip to Sheringham                      Dibbinsdale
Turn of the Tide                        Moonlight Moorings
Turning by Threes                       Tourner a Trois
Upon the Morning Breeze                 Staines Morris
The Verger                              Church Appeal
Vermont Friends                         Jack's Genny
Vinefields                              Miss Symon's Favorite
Well Close                              Mrs.Steibelt's waltz
Wendy's reel                            Miss Mary le Blance's reel
Wessex Maggot                           Wessex Reel
Westhill Wheelwright                    Stanley Spokeshave
White Wheat                             Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn
Wibsey Roundabout                       Hugh O'Donnell
The Windfall                            Miss Louise Symond's Delight
Winter waltz                            Captain O'Kane 
Wooden shoes                            The Britains
Woodland Chase                          Eat Your Oatmeal
The Wrights of Lichfield                La Precieuse
Yellow Stockings                        Peacock followed the hen

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