Workshop Material - Past, Present and Future

These music scores have formed part of material we have presented (or are due to present) at residential workshops around the country. As far as is known none of the material is copyright - if this proves to be incorrect please contact us and we will remove the offending item.

The scores are supplied in 'Noteworthy Composer v1.75 format, and you can download a free viewer for these files from the Noteworthy Website. You will then be able to view and print out the scores, and play them through your computer sound card.

Course materials are currently posted here for the following Music Workshops. Click on the link to access material from that event:-

      Beckford Musicians Weekend Spring 2003

      Halsway Manor Musicians Week 2004

      Music Meets IT - Halsway Manor

      Woodlarks 2007

      Symonds Yat Music & Craft Camp Spring 2008

      Symonds Yat Music & Craft Camp Spring 2009

      Chippenham Folk Festival 2009

      Thomas Hardy Village Band Workshop 2011

      Symonds Yat Music & Craft Camp Spring 2014

      Halsway Manor Christmas House Party 2014

      Symonds Yat Music & Craft Camp Spring 2015

      ThingumiJigs Ceilidh Band Music Day Spring 2016

      Beckford Musicians Weekend Spring 2016

      Halsway Manor New Year House Party December 2016

Beckford Musicians Weekend Spring 2003

10th Brigade Crossing The Rhine

2nd Turks March

Admiral Nelson

Angus McLeod

Arbeau Branle L'Official

Ballykeal Jig

Barnyards Of Delgaty

Blooming Meadows


Challenger Lodge

Charpentier Overture

Dover Pier

Dream Angus(Trio)

Fords Frolic

Frog Galliard


Iron Legs

Jacks Return

Merifest Central Square (by Colin Hume)

Northdown Waltz

Music Meets IT - Halsway Manor

Aiken Drum

A La Page

Halsway Manor Musicians Week 2004

Arkansas Traveller

Barney Brallaghan

Black Nag

Buffalo Girls

Coming Round The Mountain

Drops Of Brandy

Lassie Come Dance With Me

Marching Through Georgia



Old Joe Clark

Rattle The Cash

Shepherds Hey

Silver And Gold


Stool Of Repentance

Tavern In The Town

Woodlarks 2007

All Through The Night

Breton Tune 1

Breton Tune 2

Loch Lomond

Mairis Wedding

Symonds Yat Music & Craft Camp Spring 2008

Andrew Mack

Bang Up

Blue Eyed Stranger

Cold Stream

Dick's Score


Farmer And Cowman

From Night Till Morn

Gold Ring


Irish Vauxhall


Lads And Lasses

Little Brown Thing

Sukey Bids Me

Welch Family Jig

A Fig For A Kiss

Ah Les Fraises

Alta Vittoria

Audrey Hinchcliffe

Symonds Yat Music & Craft Camp Spring 2009

Autumn Sky

Avos Bay


Big Rock Candy Mountain

Bobby Shaftoe

Bratach Banner

Buachaill On Eirne

Byron Strathspey

Nancys Fancy

Neidpath Castle

Quantz Minuet

Resting Chair

Chippenham Folk Festival 2009

72nds Farewell To Aberdeen

Any Old Iron

Aprils Breakdown

Blue Eyed Stranger

Bobby Shaftoe

Bob Tailed Oss

Bonny Mally Lee

Campbells Hornpipe

Dancing On Air

Jimmy Allen



Nelly Bly

Over The Hills And Far Away

Resting Chair

Rochdale Coconut Dance

Thomas Hardy Village Band Workshop 2011

Captain Lanoes Quick March

Litchfield Races

New Allemand

Three Around Three

Symonds Yat Music & Craft Camp Spring 2014

Click Go The Shears

Mind Your Step

Flat Out

Back On Her Feet


Waltzing Matilda

Handel_Fireworks Minuet 2

Mozart_Rondo Contredanse

Quem Pastores

Sproats of Bernie Boozle-2ndPart

Salmon Tails-2ndPart

Adam Buchans Follow On-2ndPart

Silver Demon-2ndPart


Columubus Stockade Blues-2ndPart


Year End Two Step-2ndPart

Silver And Gold-2ndPart

Dark Girl Dressed In Blue-2ndPart

Aiken Drum-2ndPart

Uncle Bernards-2ndPart

Jenny Lind-2ndPart


Whose Jig-2ndPart

Major McKye-2ndPart

Oyster Girl-2ndPart

New Rigged Ship-2ndPart

Hundred Pipers-2ndPart

Goodbye Girls-2ndPart

On The Road To Boston-2ndPart

New York Girls-2ndPart

Blaydon Races-2ndPart

Rattle The Cash-2ndPart

Come Up The Back Stairs-2ndPart

Burning Bridges-2ndPart

Halsway Manor Christmas House Party 2014

19th December

74th Highlanders Quickstep

All The Way To Galway

Archers Dance

Blue Eyed Stranger

Blue Van Man

Bonny Lass That Didna' Marry Me - 2nd part

Coniston Capers

Curly Black Tail

Dick Gossips Reel

Dicks Score

Directors Chair - 2nd part

First Of The Year

Flattening The Grass

Going Downstairs

Huntsmans Chorus - 2nd part

I Tiddly I Ti - 2nd part

Limerick Reel - 2nd part

Little Black Mouse

Mae Nhwn DWedyd

McCuskers Favourite - 2nd part

Mikes Mission

Over The Hills And Far Away

Suo Gan

Three Around Three

Watching The White Wheat

Symonds Yat Music & Craft Camp Spring 2015

Alices Toy

Alma - 2nd part

Auvergne Polka1

Auvergne Polka2

Beatrice Hill's 4-part Reel

Belfast Polka - 2nd part

Camptown Races - 2nd part

Captain Pugwash - 2nd part

Chain The Lady - 2nd part

Charpentier - David & Jonathan Minuet

Click Go The Shears - 2nd part

Codlins & Cream - 2nd part

Dingle Regatta - 2nd part

Drummond Castle

Dumpty Umpty - 2nd part

Four And Twenty - 2nd part

Girl With The Blue Dress On - 2nd part

Jack McLaughlin Retreat March

Jack Of Clubs

Job Lot - 2nd part

John Ryans Polka - 2nd part

Liza Jane - 2nd part

Macs March

Marche Des Cabrettaires

Mozart - Abendruhe

Mozart - Allegro

My Wife Shes A Wanton Wee Thing - 2nd part

Not The First

Old Steamer - 2nd part

Perfect Cure - 2nd part

Petes Peerie Boat - 2nd part

Phillebelula - 2nd part

Puddles On Parade

Red Buttons

Ringing In Our Ears

Sebastopol - 2nd part

Silver And Gold - 2nd part

Silver On Black

Sweets Of May - 2nd part

When Daylight Shines - 2nd part

ThingumiJigs Ceilidh Band Music Day Spring 2016

Note:-The following pieces have been arranged for teaching purposes rather than performance and don't necessarily reflect good traditional musical practice

Rakes of Mallow - 1

Bang Up

Corbett's Delight


Hel Y Sgwarnog

Y Delyn Newydd

Rakes of Mallow - 2

Rakes of Mallow - 3

Beckford Musicians Weekend Spring 2016

Alexandra Park

Alistair Sim

Anna Maria

Auld Inn

Black Slate

Bouchards Hornpipe

Brothers In York

Buttermilk On A Sunday


Captain Dunnes March

Car Driver


Cheshire Rounds

Come By The Hills

Dicks Maggot

Dream Angus(Trio)

Fallen Hero

Farmers Toast

Go Back And Fetch It Then

Green Hills Of Tyrol

Hava Nagilah

Idbury Hill_Go And Enlist

Jack Come Kiss Me Now

Lady Anne Hopes Reel

Lament For James Moray Of Abercarney

Laura Sue

Liberty Bell

Lord Cathcart

Man In The Black Suit

Moo Lee Wha

Mo Shuil Ad Dheidh

Mr Isaacs Maggot

No Taxes

Orange Pip Jig


Purcell Gets The Bird

Rafes Waltz

Reel A Bedou

Reel Derek

Sion House


Tom Jones

Tripping To The Well

Uncle Henry's Reel

WhatsIts Jig

When The Battle Is Over

When The Shanty Boy Comes Down

Halsway Manor New Year House Party December 2016

15th Regiment Quickstep

2nd Quickstep 2nd Battallion Royals

And Will You Be

Ash Grove

Bab At The Bouster

Goldberg Variation 19

Balkan Hills

Banks Of Newfoundland

Bohola Jig

Centenary March

Creek Road March

Donald MacLeans Farwell To Oban

Floosie In The Jacuzzi

Flow Gently Sweet Afton

Ger The Rigger


Kathleen Hehir

Ketty Terrol

Lassies Fancy


Martin Milvhills March

Mick Duggans Slide

ORahillys March

Paddys Whiskers

Sallys Jig



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