Workshop Material - Second Parts for Pete Mac's books 'Band Swing' and 'Band Time'

These items are counter-melody parts for the Barn Dance tunes in Pete Mac's very popular books, and have been made available with his permission. The scores pages are arranged to match the layout in Pete's books, so that you can put these printed pages on the music stand beside the open book and just look across to see the second part. You should note that there are other versions readily available for many of the tunes in Pete's books, which may differ slightly in melody details or harmony - and hence not compatible with the second parts given here. Buy some copies of Pete's books to avoid any embarrassment! You can contact him on 01395 266553 or

Where Pete has provided a tune with both the normal guitar chords and an alternative, the 2nd parts have been arranged to match the normal chord.

Pages marked * are not provided for download. Second parts for these tunes are already provided in Pete's books.

The tunes on these pages are also available individually in .MID, .ABC and .NWC formats

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Band Swing score pages:-

 Page 4 - Chinese Breakdown, Ragtime Annie, Joys of Quebec

 Page 5 - Sproats of Bernie Boozle, Salmon Tails, Adam Buchan's Follow On

 Page 6 - The Silver Demon, The Titanic, Columbus Stockade Blues

 Page 7 - Johnny Lad, Let Him Go Let Him Tarry, Coming Round the Mountain

 Page 8 - McQuillen's Squeezebox, Year End Two-Step, Silver and Gold

 Page 9 - The Old Steamer, Job Lot, Codlins And Cream

 Page 10 - Miss Jean Campbell, Ray Horrick's Reel, The Fisherman

 Page 11 - Crooked Stovepipe, Caddam Woods, Jumping Cactus

 Page 12*

 Page 13*

 Page 14 - Nicole of Nancy, Nancy's Fancy

 Page 15 - Eye Level, The Winkie Reel

 Page 16 - Dark Girl Dressed in Blue, Aiken Drum, Uncle Bernards, Jenny Lind

 Page 17 - John Ryan's Polka, Belfast Polka, Girl with the Blue Dress on

 Page 18*

 Page 19*

 Page 20*

 Page 21*

 Page 22 - The Spaceman, Whose Jig, Major Mackie

 Page 23 - When Daylight Shines, The Perfect Cure, Pete's Peerie Boat

 Page 24 - Oyster Girl, New Rigged Ship, Hundred Pipers

 Page 25 - Old Towler, Oban Bay

 Page 26 - Director's Chair, Bonny Lass That  Didna' Marry Me

 Page 27 - Dingle Regatta, My Wife She's A Wanton Wee Thing, Sweets of May

 Page 28 - Drops of Brandy, Foxhunter's Jig

 Page 29 - Marquis of Lorne, Boys of Bluehill, Speed The Plough

 Page 30 - Harvest Home, Navvie on the Line, Waltzing Matilda, Lord of the Dance

 Page 31 - Phillebelula All the Way, Click Go The Shears, Captain Pugwash

 Page 32 - Glenamaddy, Planxty Irwin, Home on the Range

 Page 33 - Rope Waltz, My Lodging's on the Cold Cold Ground, Hebridean Waters

 Page 34 - Daisy Daisy, I'll be Your Sweetheart, After the Ball

 Page 35 - Three Sea Captains, New Shetland Boston

 Page 36 - Scotland the Brave, Sean South, Kelly the Boy from Kilarney

 Page 37 - The Boys of Wexford, Dashing White Sergeant, Peat Fire Flame

 Page 38*

 Page 39*

 Page 40*

 Page 41*

 Page 42 - Redwing, Tavern in the Town, The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo

 Page 43 - Grandfather's Clock, Aunt Hessie's White Horse

 Page 44 - My Love She's but a Lassie Yet, Atholl Highlanders, Hot Time, Yellow Rose of Texas

 Page 45 - Alabama Jubilee, Oh Johnny, Leaving of Liverpool

 Page 46 - Danish Double Quadrille, Jolly Coppersmiths

 Page 47 - Frankie and Johnny, Farmer's Jamboree, Captain White

 Page 48 - La Russe, Rare Bog, No Man's Jig, La Russe


Band Time score pages:-

 Page 4 - Log Cabin, Down South, Home to Texas

 Page 5 - Goodbye Girls, On the Road to Boston, New York Girls

 Page 6 - Turkey In The Straw, Flop Ear'd Mule, Barley Farm Fiddler

 Page 7 - Joys of Quebec, Set de la Baie St.Paul, Les Fraises et les Framboises

 Page 8 - Ivory Keys, Rollstone Mountain, The Vandals of Hammerwich

 Page 9 - March of St.Timothy, Monk's March, Marching Through Georgia

 Page 10 - Irish Rover, The Old Rustic Bridge, The Minstrel Boy

 Page 11 - Poppy Day Parade, Boneparte Crossing the Rhine, The Captain and His Whiskers

 Page 12 - Atlantic Star, Pays de Haut, Reel St.Joseph

 Page 13 - Northlands, Swedish Rhapsody

 Page 14 - Johnny Get Your Hair Cut, Redowa Sunset

 Page 15 - Chanticleer 40, Honey Harbour 40, The Spinning Wheel

 Page 16 - Moonbeams, Mists of Dornoch

 Page 17 - Star Polka, Horses Bransle

 Page 18 - Three around three, Speed the Plough, Winster Galop

 Page 19 - Rose Tree, Flowers, Grandfather's

 Page 20 - Marjorie's Milestone, Bielbie's, Father's Polka

 Page 21 - Tall Poppies, The Bear Dance, Drunken Sailor

 Page 22 - Harper's Frolic, Bonny Kate, Scan Tester's No. 2

 Page 23 - Ripple of the Teign, Dancing Dustman, Gipsy Hill Jig

 Page 24*

 Page 25*

 Page 26*

 Page 27*

 Page 28 - Blaydon Races, Rattle the Cash, Come Up the Back Stairs, Burning Bridges

 Page 29 - Runaway Train, Huttons Ambo, Old Solomom Levi

 Page 30 - Madamoiselle from Armentieres, MacNamara's Band, Home Boys Home

 Page 31 - The Quarryman, Squirrel Up a Tree, Blackberry Quadrille

 Page 32 - Oyster 48, The Valiant

 Page 33 - Oats, Peas & Beans, Oban Bay, The Piper of Lorne

 Page 34 - Weymouth Quickstep, Atholl Highlanders

 Page 35 - Mona's Delight, Shetland Step, One More Step

 Page 36 - Steamboat Hornpipe (Devon), Pollyanna, Whinham's

 Page 37 - Steamboat Hornpipe (Sussex), Denis's Hornpipe, L'Amoureuse du Val de Salm

 Page 38 - Bouffard's Waltz, Hebridean Waters, South Wind

 Page 39 - Cupid's Waltz, Hewlett, Duke of Kent's Waltz

 Page 40*

 Page 41 - Arkansas Traveller 48, Mount Gabriel Reel

 Page 42 - All the Way to Galway, Farewell to Whiskey, Wiltshire 6-hand reel

 Page 43 - Dick's Farewell, Crocker's Reel, South Sea Crumble

 Page 44 - Lassie Come Dance with Me, Russian Cavalry, Wind the Bobbin

 Page 45 - This Old Man, Little Brown Jug, Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl, Keep that Wheel A'Turning, This Old Man

 Page 46*

 Page 47*

 Page 48 - Curly Headed Plough boy, Drover's Dream, Miss Sayer's Allemande



Additions / revisions:-

12/2/2012 correction to Pete's Peerie Boat BS23a

13/4/2012 correction to Salmon Tails BS5a

11/08/2013 correction to Shetland Step BT35a

9/2/2014 corrections to Steamboat Hornpipe (Sussex) BT37a

22/8/2015 corrections to Lord of The Dance BS30a, and Hot Time BS44a

27/11/2017 correct notes in Daisy Daisy BS34a

27/11/2017 correct title, add 'G' chord bar 31 to 'New Shetland Boston' BS35a

13/3/2018 add extra chord to Mount Gabriel Reel, BT41a

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